X Rebirth Adds New Features Requested by Fans – Seems Like They Care

X: Rebirth, a much anticipated title was released on November 15 last year and got slammed by the critics for the huge bugs that the game had.

Considering how the X games have performed upon release, X: Rebirth has been a disappointment and the fact that it has received more than 20 patches to fix game-breaking bugs doesn’t help it either.

The game scored a total of 33 on Metacritic, none of the reviewers gave the game a positive review but that hasn’t stopped the developer to improve the game or listen to the feedback of those who bought the game.

They are showing it with the addition of a logbook that will help people keep track of development on the game and improvements that developer plans to make. Furthermore, they have brought back the most demanded feature from X3, the target locking.

The developers of X Rebirth have released a new video which showcases the changes that have been brought into the game based of fans’ feedback. Some new features have also made their way to the game.

It is hard to imagine that the game will be saved by these small changes, but the people who have already bought the game, it must be a consolation for them.

Did you watch the video? Are there enough changes in the game that would make you return to it? Let us know in your comments!