The Walking Dead: Season 2 – Episode 2 Releasing Next Week

Walking Dead Season-2

Telltale Games has announced that they would be releasing Episode Two of The Walking Dead Season Two on the PS3, PC and Mac sometime next week.

It still might release for the Xbox 360 next week, since Telltale has yet to confirm a release date. However, the exemption of Microsoft’s platform from their announcement could also mean a delayed release. Similarly the Vita versions of both Episodes One and Two will be released by the end of next month.

The new episode is titled ‘A House Divided’ and will cost $4.99 by itself across all platforms. It’s covered by the game’s Season Pass as well.

Presently we know next to nothing about the happenings of episode two and with only a week to go before its release, expect Telltale to drop a reveal very soon. For now you can take a peek under the hood by watching a new trailer.

Earlier this month, a brief teaser was released that was accompanied by an image of Clementine which in turn was accompanied by the words: “Still. Not. Bitten.” – A reference to a moment from the first episode.

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