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Unite 2014 Takes Event Worldwide, Training Day Returns

Unity, the people behind the popular game development tool, have announced their date for Unite 2014, their conference of several days full of events. It will take place in Seattle from August 20 through to August 22.

There are a few changes for this year’s show. Going further on the massive success of last year, Unite 2014 will now fan out and make stops on a worldwide tour. We’ll list the places the event will be held below, along with possible dates:

  • Japan – April 7-8 – Tokyo
  • Korea – April 9-10 – Seoul
  • China – April 13-14 – Beijing
  • Taiwan – April 17-18 – Taipei
  • Australia – October 27 – Melbourne
  • Brazil – Date TBD – São Paulo
  • Mexico – Date TBD – Location TBD

As an advantage, these other locations will receive region-specific sessions best suited to that audience.

Moreover, the Unity Training Day, held one day before the official show starts, will return in Unite 2014 as well. Here, it’s possible to partake in a day of info overload, as the tools are laid out for use.

Tutorials will provide a hands-on experience with a small project, which teaches animation in Mecanim, particle effects in Shuriken and the 2D applications of the engine, along with several other guides. You can expect to receive a tremendous leg up from participating in the routine, taught straight from the source.

Attending Training Day requires a separate ticket with a $100 admission price, though it can be seen as an investment. For the conference itself, passes go for around $300 at an early bird discount of 25%.

During the Unite 2014, we’ll also see the return of the Unity Awards, which commend the games and projects that made the best use of the engine. Last year, Amplitude Studios received top honors for their Endless Space game. They’ve since announced Endless Legend and revealed the first info for it.