New Soul Sacrifice Delta Trailer Shows Combat and Customization

New Video of Soul Sacrifice Delta has been released and it shows five minutes of in game combat. The players will be able to customize their characters with the different items available in the game.

Soul Sacrifice Delta, was announced during TGS 2013 for the PlayStation Vita, the main protagonist of the game is one of the innocent bystanders who has been enslaved by a powerful and cruel sorcerer known as Magusar, who absorbs human sacrifices to remain immortal.

It is a third-person perspective game with a four payer co-op play. Your lead protagonist will be a sorcerer who through a book named Librom enters the world of another sorcerer. Thereon you fight events known as Phantom Quests and attain experience that will make you able to defeat the wicked sorcerer named Magusar.

Abilities in the game are called sacrifices that will let you cast spells from a distance and or increase the damage per second, among other things. Apart from other features in the game, it will let you sacrifice quite a lot of things in order to perform magic, one of the things you can sacrifice are body parts – Really?

Soul Sacrifice Delta is scheduled to release for the PlayStation Vita on March 6th in Japan.

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