Sony Santa Monica’s New IP Got Cancelled After Three Years of Development

Sony Santa Monica’s former lead level designer Jonathan Hawkin has confirmed that their unannounced new IP has been cancelled. The game was supposed to be a sci-fi project headed by God of War III director Stig Asmusson and reportedly the game was in development for last three years.

Hawkins thinks the game was ‘going to be bad ass’ and he was extremely surprised upon its cancellation.

He wrote on his twitter that he was laid off by the company yesterday after 10 years of work, where he got to work on three major games. He fulfilled all of his goals but one of the goals couldn’t be completed.  He wanted to make something out of nothing and create a new AAA IP. The most pain he feels is about his colleagues who were let go alongside him.

He said:

The saddest & most important part is the game I was creating for the player that will never be played. I’m sorry that I’ve failed you.

However, it is still unsure why Sony decided to cancel the game all of a sudden, with over three years of work put in the title something could have shown to the fans.

This cancellation also confirms the yesterday’s news that almost 50 members of Sony Santa Monica were laid off.

It is sad to see three years of work amount to absolutely nothing, but we hope that studio can bounce back with some great games.

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