The Order: 1886 Characters Took Inspiration From Welsh Legends

An an original IP, The Order: 1886 has much to prove on Sony’s PlayStation 4 console. The coinciding hype has done well in putting the game on everyone’s radar. However, Ready at Dawn’s job is far from done in convincing everyone that The Order: 1886 offers much more than just pretty visuals.

In a new behind the scenes video posted today on the PlayStation blog, the studio’s CEO Ru Weerasuriya has revealed more details about the game’s setting and inspiration.

The story takes place in a 19th century Victorian London where a group of knights are fighting against mutated humans called Half-Breeds. The Order itself was created as a form of weapon against the creatures and to turn the tides of battle in this centuries old conflict.

Weerasuriya mentioned that the characters, game setting and concept were all inspired from a Welsh tale. “What we did is we went back a little bit further the source of all of those legends (Knights of the Roundtable), and the source came from a Welsh tale, from Welsh legends,” he said. “We took it and spinned it the way we wanted to.”

The Order: 1886 will offer the story in a most cinematic way; blending both CGI and gameplay seamlessly so that players are left wondering as to when the CGI ended and when the gameplay began. The concept is not a new one and we’ve already experienced the likes of Uncharted 2 where it feels more like a movie than a game.

Whether the player-experience provided by The Order: 1886 will match up to Uncharted 2 will be known when it releases exclusively for the PlayStation 4 later this year.

Source PlayStation Blog