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Netflix Bringing Pokemon Movies and TV Shows Next Month

Video streaming service Netflix has confirmed today that it will be bringing movies and television series’ of the popular Pokemon franchise in March.

At the start of the next month expect two movies – Pokemon the Movie: Black and Pokemon the Movie: White to be available on Netflix. Alongside that two television series will also be added to its catalog – Pokemon: Black & White and Pokemon: Indigo League. Both contents are confirmed for release in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, US, Latin America, the Netherlands and Nordic regions.

Pokemon: Black & White was originally released in 2010 and spans to 48 episodes. Pokemon: Indigo League on the other hand is from 1997 and boasts 82 episodes. The movies were released in 2011 and are currently average 6 out 10 on IMDB’s critic ratings.

You can catch them using either the 3DS or Wii U from March 1st.

Last year The Pokemon Company announced a new Pokemon anime series that was launched late in October. It was however limited to the Japanese media and so far there hasn’t been any news on the anime being released on International television networks. The anime went live on October 12, 2013 alongside the release of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y titles.