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More Xbox One Exclusives Will Be Announced Later This Year With 2014 Release Window

The biggest exclusive releasing on the Xbox One this year so far is Titanfall, but Microsoft Studios corporate vice-president Phil Spencer has assured his followers on Twitter that there will more exclusives games coming to the console before the end of the year.

Microsoft has confirmed before that Halo journey on the Xbox One will definitely begin this year though it doesn’t have to be Halo 5. The rumors so far direct us to Halo 2 Anniversary.

Apart from Halo, there is a huge chance that Microsoft’s new IP ‘Quantum Break’ will make its way to the Xbox One this year. The game has gathered great fan following since its announcement on the Xbox One reveal event on May 21, 2013.

There is no official news regarding any games that will make it to Xbox One this year, but we are thinking that Microsoft would want to go big at this year’s E3. They will unveil their big guns there to take the victory.

Until then, you will have to wait. In the meantime, you can play Titanfall which is shaping up to pretty awesome.

So which games do you think will make their way to the Xbox One this year?