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Is Boltshot Returning in Halo 5? McFarlane Toys Think So

Microsoft and 343 Industries might have been really quite on the details regarding Halo 5 but the millions of fans still manage to find something interesting about it.

You would surely remember Boltshot, the directed energy pistol that was chimed everywhere for being overpowered. How would you like it if we told you that Halo 5 might see its return?

What actually happened is that at the Toy Fair 2014, Todd McFarlane showcased his new set of Halo toys based around the upcoming game in the series.

Apart from the fact that Master Chief looks pretty cool in the rugged cloak covering his armor, he was also holding a Boltshot.

halo 5 boltshot

The figurine in question replicates Master Chief’s look in the first trailer of Halo 5 that was shown at E3 2013. Boltshot, also known as Z-110 Directed Energy Pistol was created by Promethean Forerunner and first featured in Halo 4.

Would you like to see the weapon back in the game or do you think it should be toned down a bit before you would like it?

More information regarding Halo 5 and its release date is expected on this year’s E3 according to what Phil Spencer had said back in January this year.

The source of the information is after all just a toy, so we’ll take this with a pinch of salt and wait for the developer to release information on Halo 5.