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GTA V Online Receives 10 New Verified Jobs, Race and Fight to Death

Today, Rockstar Games has added 10 new Verified jobs to GTA V Online. This is the fourth installment in the series of the verified jobs. These jobs will be available to everyone to play on the Xbox Live and PSN.

You can check out the preview of the added jobs below:

LSC Great Eight

One of the new races that have been verified by Rockstar Games is LSC Great Eight. Running around different levels of the Olympic Freeway, this course will challenge all aspects of your driving. Maximum number of players that can participate is 8.

Dirt Track Derby

With 16 players jostling for position, the slightest nudge could force you into the back of a burnt out bus, or off the track entirely. Masters of the art of drifting should be able to nail the curve corners and slingshot their vehicles into the straight sections.

Observe and Race

In this one, 3 quick laps of the circuit leading up to the Observatory have been laid out using a variety of barriers to make for a very fluid and natural race.

Getting High and Low
Precision is the name of the game in this high octane motorbike race along the narrow dirt paths just above Cassidy Creek.

Through the Grapeseed

This is a lengthy lap race around Grapeseed with lots of long stretches and a few tricky turns.

Sandy Shores Circus

It’s a fairly simple race belying the difficulty of the 45 degree turns around Sandy Shores town that will send cars criss-crossing each other all over.

Senora Desert Hills

A long and winding race that allows the players to drift down several dirt roads on the hills of the Senora Desert.


This race track is very technical and dangerous track with blind corners, bumps and long straight road.

Battle GTA Death Match

It takes place in swamps outside Fort Zancudohe. The key to the success of this Deathmatch is balance: a cluster of incendiary props in the center field provides adequate cover for an infantry battle while powerful weapon pickups such as RPGs provide a fighting chance against aircraft.

Paintball Death Match

It is a flat expanse of sand on Del Perro Beach is transformed into a dynamic and challenging Speedball-style arena.

With skillfully placed props like sandbags, construction fences, wrecked vehicles and tires, this Deathmatch forces players to dart between cover and expose themselves to gunfire when dashing for powerful weapon pickups.

What do you think of the new jobs verified by Rockstar Games for GTA V Online?