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Gods Will Be Watching Sets Thriller Adventure In June

Pixel art point and click adventure Gods Will Be Watching will arrive on PC in June of 2014. Publisher Devolver Digital, known for its odd games like Serious Sam and Hotline Miami, stated that this stylish game will be distributed through Steam, and the Humble Store.

Part of what distinguishes Gods Will Be Watching from other adventures is its “thriller” theme. Gameplay will revolve around Sgt. Burden, the most original of names, together with a crew in six chapters with tough decisions.

Topics to be tackled in the game range “from hostage situations and wilderness survival to biological weapon prevention and agonizing torture scenarios.” This game will delve deep on players’ consciences.

Therefore, decisions will be crucial in Gods Will Be Watching and each will decide the fate of the crew henceforth. Choices will let players opt to either save their crew or sacrifice weaker links, so that the greater goals can be achieved.

Given the name of the point and click project, the gods will pass judgment on those actions. It will be possible to look at the indiscretions of players around the world as well to see just how morally void the real world gets.

Gods Will Be Watching pits from the currently popular design that puts importance beyond how the game is played, instead reaching over it. Going for that end game and seeing if your actions resulted in what you wanted is part of the adventure here.

Originally, Gods Will Be Watching was a Ludum Dare entry, where games are molded in just a few days. It has since picked up a following that allowed it to exponentially expand its scope.