Xbox One March Update Video Walks Us Through All Upcoming Features

Microsoft started to fix up Xbox One with the update that was released just few days back. The February update added new features like telling you how much hard disk space is left and an icon that shows the battery of the controller.

Now Microsoft would like to continue doing that with their next update that will be released in March. It will fix a few problems that were introduced in the Xbox One’s friend system.

You can now more easily find people you have played with recently like you could on the 360. You will be able to easily invite your friends to multi-player games and party chat will be turned on by default as soon as you form a party.

Finally, the update will add one thing that Xbox One users have been waiting for a very long time. It will feature the “twitch” support.

After this update, you will not only live stream games on Twitch but also start live broadcast using different voice commands that will be added for the Kinect. Furthermore, you will be able to broadcast using Kinect and use Twitch chat features.

Check out the video above to see what the upcoming update of the Xbox One looks like and tell us what do think of it in the comments below!