Watch How Atlus, Ogre and Stryder Were Created in Titanfall

New video has been released by EA that features the development team at Respawn as they discuss how each Titan model from the upcoming Titanfall was created and balanced.

Each titan in Titanfall is designed to possess a wide range of weaponry while still retaining its unique characteristics and skills.

Stryder is visually lighter and therefore more vulnerable to the attacks than the others, but it also has the greatest agility of the all the Titans.

Ogre is a slow moving Titan but it can take a huge amount of damage from the enemies. Finally, there is Atlas, who is a strong all-round Titan with fairly decent armor and movement. It is basically the combination of the other two Titans.

Developers discuss that motion capturing was a very hard and time consuming part of the Titans development as each one of them required their distinct movements. Their 3D models were created and then they were refined continuously until they became a perfect reflection of the giant mechs.

Finally, the developers wanted to have a balance between Titans and Pilots in the combat. Titans have to be a powerful and intimidating force on the battlefield but the Pilots should also have enough firepower to take them down.

Titanfall is scheduled to release on the Xbox One and PC on March 11 and the Xbox 360 version will release on the 25th of March.

Check out the video above and let us know what are your thoughts regarding the Titans of Titanfall.