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Is Watch Dogs Getting a Release Date & Trailer One of These Days?

Every day brings forth something exciting when you are following a market as exciting as gaming.

One of the most anticipated titles of this season is Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs but the developer and publisher has been really secretive when it comes to the game’s release date. This might just be about to change, as per the official PlayStation website.

No wait. Don’t ride your horse wild just yet; I didn’t say that the website had actually announced something. It was in fact a mistake – apparently – and it did nothing more to give us a heads up for what could be a new announcement regarding the game as well as a new trailer.

Recently a link appeared on the official PlayStation website that was supposed to send us to a new trailer for the game and the release date. Here’s what it read:

Watch_Dogs is on its way…

Find out the release date in this new trailer.

The link was removed pretty quick but not quick enough; a Twitter user took a screen grab before it was taken down. The Google Cache of the page was showing the same image (above) until recently but it looks like the cache was refreshed and the link isn’t there anymore.

The same Twitter user who shared the picture also said that the link doesn’t work and eventually lands you to a PSN competitions page. This tells me that may be the link leading to Watch Dogs release date was put up a little earlier and erroneously, in place of something else.

Nevertheless, it does make me feel like Watch Dogs release date announcement is looming right around our computer screens somewhere. It will, hopefully, be only a matter of time before Ubisoft announces it.

What do you think?