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Turn-Based Nova-111 Dungeon Crawler Adds Real Time Moves

Japanese developer Funktronic Labs is currently working on a game called Nova-111, which merges real time with turn-based designs. It’s hoping to release this on PC somewhere this year.

In Nova-111, you play a science vessel that’s looking for lost scientists who are trapped in a real-vortex. Gameplay is set on a side-scrolling panel with brightly colorful aesthetics.

On first glance, it looks like the model works the same as old dungeon crawlers, where the whole world is tied to the player’s reaction. As such, most enemies only move whenever the ship moves to a different tile.

Still, not all elements are tied to the turn mechanism. Things like falling rocks and other traps can act in real time, forcing players to react quickly and take turns frantically before the traps crumble.

This duality makes it possible to trick enemies. For instance, monsters can be guided underneath traps, after which staying stationary will doom the foes currently in the line of fire.

To help out players, there will be a time stop ability. It’s also possible to find upgrades.

Further staying in tune with players, Nova-111 will dynamically fit the game’s soundtrack to the play style.

There are only three people credited to making the game, so far. Some of the people at Funktronic Labs would previously have worked on PixelJunk titles. That would explain the stylish finish.

Would you be interested in a game that switches things up like Nova-111? Let us know in the comments.