Tropico 5 Closed PC Beta Testing Starts Next Month

Tropico 5’s PC version will enter closed beta next month, and you can be one of the few people to participate in its testing.

The news came from publisher Kalypso Media, and users interested in trying out the beta can sign up on their website now.

Here’s the statement by Kalypso to the city-building community:

“Under the wise and benevolent guidance of El Presidente, players can help make Tropico 5 the best game possible by taking part in a Beta test this March. Registration begins today – so potential applicants should apply right now. We’re looking for gamers who have a huge enthusiasm for city-building titles and with a wide experience playing within the genre.”

Though the beta phase will begin next month, no official date has been given for the exact release of the game, which we probably suspect will only be finalized after the thorough testing.

Tropico 5 is the fifth installation of the city-building simulation series by Haemimont Games. Much like EA’s Sim City, Tropico emphasizes on the construction and management of a player-made city, except that the city itself is on a tropical island.

The fifth installment brings within itself large changes. The trading, research, renovation and exploration features have been completely overhauled, and for the first time the game features cooperative and competitive multiplayer, allowing multiple cities on a single island where players must work together or against each other for their metropolis.

The simulation takes time over a long period, starting from the colonial times all the way to the modern period.