Titanfall: Official Unboxing Shows Just How HUGE The Collector’s Edition Is

We all know that the Atlas Titan statue from the collector’s edition of Titanfall racks up to 18 inches. On that note one has to wonder just how big the Collector’s Edition box will be to include the statue, along with the other goodies.

This official unboxing video from the game’s developers showcases just that and as it’s evident, the box is ridiculously huge.

It looks pretty enough but I’ll leave it to the readers to decide whether it is worthy of its high $250 price tag.

Alongside the 18″ Atlas Titan statue that also features LED lights, the box will contain an exclusive art book that covers the game’s characters, weapons and titans, an Atlas Titan Schematic poster that illustrates the details and design of the combat titan, and the game itself.

It’s already sold out on Amazon but other retailers still have it in stock.

Titanfall launches on March 11th for the Xbox One and PC and then two weeks later for the Xbox 360.

You can read up more on the collector’s edition here.