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The Order: 1886 Supernatural Component Will Be Believable Unlike Fantasy or Magic

Ready at Dawn has been flashing details about The Order: 1886 lately and even though the game has not received a release date yet, we still have a lot to make us wait for it.

The first trailer of the game from last year had an element of supernatural in it, and the developer has now released a gameplay reveal trailer to shed light on it.

The game’s Creative Director Ru Weerasuriya was interviewed alongside the trailer where he clarified that the supernatural component of The Order: 1886 will steer away from traditional fantasy and magical settings, and remain believable.

“We don’t go there. We don’t want to go there. Magic is something where it’s hard for us to make it believable. The supernatural often times can be believable. And still today people live with the supernatural, and people believe that the supernatural really is there,” he continued, “so we will stay away from what we see as fantasy and magical, but we will definitely basically draw from the supernatural to bring that edge to the reality that we’re building”.

He further explained that while developing The Order: 1886, they have pushed certain barriers but they always test what they have created in terms of believability.

If there is something supernatural but unbelievable, they roll back and get rid of it.

It is already certain that The Order: 1886 has a strong storyline but where do you think Ready at Dawn is playing at with the supernatural component?