Outlast Preparing Whistleblower DLC For Daylight Release

Scary game hit Outlast will reportedly receive its first downloadable content (DLC) called Whistleblower in April. It will be available both on PC and Playstation 4.

In Whistleblower, players will look at the asylum story from the perspective of Weylon Park, the software engineer who sent out the email at the beginning of the game. His story will deal with a growing mistrust of ethically flawed scientists and doctors.

While the game will serve as a prelude to the events at Mount Massive and its asylum, the Whistleblower DLC will try to stretch the story. You’ll also be able to see what happens after the final chapter of the main game.

Originally, Outlast released in September of 2013 for PC. While it had to go up against the paragon of the horror genre with Amnesia: a Machine for Pigs having a similar release period, the unknown title from developer Red Barrels took the world by storm.

It puts people in an asylum where deranged psychopaths roam around every corner, with terrible results for its environments. Shrouding yourself in darkness and hiding is one of the game’s main survival mechanisms.

To see the creepiness around you, it’s possible to operate a camera with night vision. Limiting your options even further, using the camera depletes batteries pretty damn fast, leaving players to ration energy and scavenge for more.

Since its original success, Outlast has been ported to the next generation of consoles and arrived on Playstation 4 in February of 2014.

Coincidentally, the April release of the Whistleblower DLC will compete with another anticipated open world horror game. Publisher Atlus’ Daylight from Blacklight Retribution developer Zombie Studios will release on both PC and PS4 that very same month.

It looks like Outlast is using the Whistleblower DLC to once more try to dethrone its opposition. We admire that attitude.