Karen Gravano Suing Rockstar for Ripping Her Life Story in GTA V

A former “Mob Wives” star is suing Rockstar for allegedly creating a character in Grand Theft Auto V that was based on her without her permission.

Daughter of Salvatore (Sammy the Bull) Gravano, Karen Gravano filed the suit in Manhattan Supreme Court on Monday this week in which she said that the game is claiming her image and life story without her permission. According to her suit, Gravano is asking for $20 million in compensation and another $20 million in punitive damages.

“Not withstanding the fact that plaintiff has the utmost respect for the writers and creators of the Grand Theft Auto V video game…her story is unique and is hers to tell,” according to papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court Monday.

The so called ripped-off character is Antonia Bottino, who is rescued by players after getting buried alive.

The lawsuit further states that the game producers could have asked her permission “with relative ease, which may have averted this action.” Additionally Gravano “is releasing a second book containing the parts of not-so known aspects of the story used by defendant.”

Rockstar did not comment on the matter, saying that the video game company does not comment on “legal matters.”

Source: NYDaily News