You Can Get Xbox One FIFA 14 Bundle for £399, if Not Xbox One Titanfall Bundle

Only recently, Microsoft announced a £30 reduction in the price of their latest console, Xbox One, making it purchasable for £400 straight. This was followed by another impressive offer by Gamestop UK, the Xbox One Titanfall Bundle for £370. Now, different retailers are offering the Xbox One FIFA 14 Bundle for the price of a console alone i.e. £399.

So if you weren’t lucky enough to get your hands on the Gamestop bundle for Titanfall, you still have a chance to get FIFA 14 for free when you buy the console. Among the retailers, Amazon UK, GAME and Very have the Xbox One FIFA 14 Bundle on sale.

When announcing the price cuts on Xbox One, Harvey Eagle, Xbox UK marketing manager had said that the decision had been made in order to offer the best possible value to customers:

“The reason we’re doing this is that we’re committed to giving gamers the best value we can. We’re only a few months into a generation of consoles that are going to last for many, many years to come. And now just feels like the right time to make the adjustment on the price.”

According to Eagle, the price changes were only going to be implemented in the UK, no announcements or plans have been shared regarding price reduction elsewhere.

So, are you going to make use of the Xbox One FIFA 14 Bundle? Or you want the Xbox One Titanfall Bundle to return?