GameStop UK’s Discounted Xbox One Titanfall Bundle Sells Out

Yesterday, Microsoft announced the first Xbox One price cut, slashing off £30 of its £430 launch price. Shortly after the announcement, the British branch of retailer GameStop announced themselves to be slicing through the new £400 price even further, bringing it down to just £369.97.

Now that’s a very attractive offer and as expected, the entire stock didn’t hold out for long.

As soon as GameStop UK began accepting pre-orders for the Xbox One Titanfall bundle for £370, pandemonium set in. An accurate number has not been given but seems like the entire stock was sold out in less than 5 hours or so.

GameStop has not stated whether they will be renewing their stock on the same price cuts or not. However, for those in UK who still are looking for a discounted Xbox One, they can check out retailers Game and Amazon. Keep in mind though, their price is the normal £400, which is still a better deal than just getting the console by itself.

GameStop UK’s £370 Titanfall Xbox One bundle offer includes a black console, digital copy of the game, Kinect, a standard Xbox One controller (not the special-edition one), a chat headset, and one-month Xbox Live Gold membership–which you’ll need to play the game.

Titanfall will release on March 11, 2014 in the States, followed by a release on March 14 in Europe.