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Dragon Age: Inquisition – Revamped Conversation System to Feature No Dominant Tone

During the early reveals of Dragon Age: Inquisition last year, BioWare was pretty clear on how it means to come up with a totally revamped dialogue system. The company is still bent on fulfilling their promise to its fan base, with Dragon Age writer David Gaider assuring us all of Inquisition’s conversation system.

Responding to a grumpy fan on the company’s forums, Gaider said that the only similar writing styles between Inquisition and Dragon Age 2 are the dialogue options that are picked from paraphrases, “off a wheel interface.”

What’s new is that there will be no dominant tone. Compared to Dragon Age 2, Inquisition’s “most-selected tone does not carry through to influence other lines outside of the conversation in which you selected it.” All dialogues relayed will be in neutral tone.

There will be a new addition of a “reaction wheel,” alongside the “tone wheel and action wheel.” All of these will provided players the option to express their emotions during relevant scenarios.

“Dialogue options on an action wheel now sometimes display a pop-up if the option is hovered over long enough,” explained Gaider. “This only applies to actions where elaboration is felt necessary. It does not display the actual line which will be spoken by the PC.”

Ditching the previous diplomatic/humorous/aggressive tones, Inquisition will now feature Noble/Clever/Direct as the three major tones. These are the basis of the game’s design and effects how the team writes the tones.

“There are no longer alternate tone variants (which in DA2 were Helpful/Charming/Direct), as I don’t think we communicated very well what those meant anyhow.”

Dragon Age: Inquisition is going to release in fall of this year for all major platforms.

Source BioWare Forums