DayZ: Future Updates Include Lighting Improvements, Lootable Containers and Physics

The DayZ team continues to improve their online zombie survival game and in the coming few months will see to a number of improvements.

In the latest developer’s blog, the team revealed that they are going to be improving the game’s lighting by having torches emit a proper light source. This will ensure that the light beams exist during the day as well.

Lootable fridges are going to be adjusted so that they become full inventories, the presence of zombies are going to be increased over all and some of their issues, like walking through walls, are going to be fixed.

Most importantly though, DayZ is going to get a physics system. The implementation of this new system will allow players to throw items and it will also bring in the ragdoll effect.

Other items on their agenda include plans for bows and arrows, new buildings, hunting and cooking, fixing server desync, improving overall stability and more.

For the full list of planned improvements, you can head over to the DayZ development blog.