Dark Souls II: Collector’s Edition Unboxing Shows Off Warrior Knight Statue

Here’s another collector’s edition unboxing video, this one by From Software for its upcoming dark fantasy action game Dark Souls II.

The Dark Souls II Collector’s Edition will feature the official soundtrack on a separate disc, a cloth map of the in-game world, a small artbook, a copy of the game itself (either for PS3 or Xbox 360) and finally a 12″ Warrior Knight statue. We’re only interested in the statue right? The unboxing video does well in showcasing just that.

Compared to the Titanfall Collector’s Edition, this one is for sale at a humbling price of $120. That said, the Warrior Knight looks good, not great, and certainly not worthy of a $120 in my opinion.

With Namco Bandai acting as publisher, Dark Souls II will release on March 11th for the PS3 and Xbox 360. A PC version of the game is also in development but will release on an unannounced date later on.

Considering how much of a mess the first Dark Souls was on the PC, the second installment will hopefully be finely tuned upon its release later this year.