Blizzard Wants to Remove World of Warcraft’s Raid Currency System

Blizzard is working to remove World of Warcraft Raid Currency System. The system was introduced by developer as it gives currency reward to WoW raiders who never seemed to receive the boss’ loot they wanted.

Currently, there are two currencies that are going on in the raiding system.

In the current system of the game, players who run the raid bosses earn valor points and the players playing lower-tier raid and dungeon receive justice points.

Both can be exchanged for gear if raid bosses fail to drop the loot you’re after but now Blizzard is thinking that it is unnecessary and must be changed.

Lead encounter designer Ion Hazzikostas told PCGamesN

We are planning on simplifying our currency structure. The traditional role of valor was to offer compensation for bad luck and that goes all the way back to badges in Burning Crusade.

Where you’d go, ‘Okay, I’ve run this raid 15 times now and never seen a shoulder piece dropped so I’ll take this currency and buy a shoulder piece for myself.

The bonus rolls system that we have these days actually goes a long way towards helping counteract that.

Anyone unfamiliar with the bonus roll system should know that it was introduced in Patch 5.0 and it provides the players of the game another chance at the boss’ loot.

More you do it, the more chances you will have at getting the appropriate item.

Hazzikostas explained:

We think we can take the bonus rolls system and make it a little bit more intelligent, so that it tries to avoid giving you duplicate loots and allow that to be the way players counteract bad RNG. It removes a little bit of the grind and a little bit of the awkwardness of the current valor system.

When asked whether or not they would try to simplify PvP currency as well, Hazzikostas said that they would like to get rid of the lower PvP gear, but that it would not make sense to eliminate higher PvP gear.

It is exciting to see Blizzard taking a new route in the well-established system, but we will have to wait and see if that really is a good idea.

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