Battlefield 4 Server Performance ‘Net Code Fixes Tested by Dice

Lead scripter of Battlefield 4 Mikael Hedberg wrote on his twitter that the studio is in the middle of testing out the possible ‘fixes’ for the game’s net-code problems.

DICE has been working really hard to fix the bugs that are being faced by the players of the Battlefield 4. A lot of patch updates has been released for the game which address some of the bugs and balancing issues, connection issues like getting shot behind corners, instant-deaths and other un-explainable occurrences related to networking are beginning to frustrate a number of Battlefield users.

So many people have started to quit playing because of these enormous issues faced by the game. Now studio is seeking out solutions to these problems and the lead scripter has asked users to join in on a specific test server.

It looks like DICE is trying their best to understand how server and network perform in regards with the issues. We will keep you posted as more information on the matter is available.

What are the issues that you are facing in Battlefield 4? Let us know in your comments!