Basement Crawl Blasts on to PlayStation 4, Costs $9.99

Bloober Team’s maze based action strategy game, Basement Crawl has been released to Europe and North America today. Why did I say that it ‘blasts’ on to PlayStation 4? Well, because the game involves a lot of bombs that you use to blow up your friends.

Basement Crawl is a PlayStation 4 exclusive and plays as a multiplayer where a total of eight online players can join one game, playing a four way multiplayer. Otherwise, you can also mix things up and play locally with a few friends of yours against whoever stumbles against you.

Basement Crawl is a fast paced grid based game where the primary motive is simple: destruction.

As you would have guessed already, it takes a little inspiration from Spy vs. Spy and Bomberman, what you wouldn’t know is that it is also inspired by a couple of horror movies.

In the announcement post on the US PlayStation Blog, Marc Colhoun the marketing manager of Bloober Team also revealed that they have been working closely with Twitch, so expect some Twitch based functionality in the game soon.

Talking about the Twitch features, he said:

We have been doing this with the view of making it bigger and better than anything that has been implemented on the PS4 thus far.

The released version of the game brings forth changes that have been made based around the feedback that the developer had received from journalists that tested the game.

The changes incorporated are: the way a bomb reacts when it’s kicked or when it crashes with another player, overall aesthetics of the game and the way leader-boards are presented.

Basement Crawl will cost you $9.99 in the US and €9.99/£8.49 in Europe.