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StarDrive 2 Announced With Hatted Owls Using Lawnmowers

Exciting news for strategy fans, as StarDrive 2 was just announced. Publisher Iceberg Interactive will once more deliver this PC game made by a small studio somewhere in Portland, Oregon.

From what the release states, the game will once more offer a space game in the 4X genre of expanding territory and ultimately ruling the galaxy. By building new colonies and commanding fleets of ships, the entire universe can be daunted.

StarDrive 2 looks to be much the same as its original game. Turns are technically detailed as turn-based actions, but the play continues in real time, forcing players to pause the game to make split second decisions.

Ships can be customized from scratch, with a tile set made up of many differing parts. Spacecraft can also vary largely in size, making for fleets with both nimble fighting units and huge destroyers with big cannons strapped to them.

There will be 9 alien races to choose from in StarDrive 2. More so, one of the new implementations in the game are a separate race of pirates. Whether these will replace the current Remnants is unkown.

Technology will allow for a variety of new content to be unlocked, which includes new ship parts and ways to colonize planets. Heroes will also return to offer their services either to fleets or colonies.

A new Battle Arena mode offers a format outside of the 4X sandbox, where quick fights can be performed. Completing certain challenges here will unlock new ship parts as well.

StarDrive 2 vows to immediately integrate things like Steam Workshop, Trading cards and so on.

With the first set of screenshots, we can make out some other new info as well. For instance, planets no longer use tiled boards, but have switched to hexes, which will affect ground combat.

Additionally, resources are now indicated by owls wearing hats. They ride lawnmowers. Also, the samurai bears have returned. That’s important.

There’s already a release window for the PC game. StarDrive 2 comes to Steam in September of 2014 for $29.99.