PvZ: Garden Warfare Team Vanquish Tips and Map Strategy Guide

Team Vanquish puts two teams against each other on one of the five maps. In this mode, you will have to vanquish 50 opponents before the enemies.

In Team Vanquish, you main task is to stick together.

You can go alone if you have enough skill but don’t expect the enemy to be alone. Staying in a group will also give you the advantage of having support abilities that Classes like the Sunflower or Scientist have to offer.

Always keep moving in the game, do not stop until you should. You can check out the map for the locations that will be more suitable to your skill level.

A good way to win is to play through the map with your team-mates and have support at all times. It is not necessary that you use the same class over and over again.

You must always be ready to step out of your comfort zone and try different classes that game has to offer.

If you see a team needing a healer, you switch to Scientist or Sunflower, and if you’re finding yourself fighting at long ranges, choose a Class Variant that excels at taking out enemies from afar.

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PvZ: Garden Warfare Team Vanquish Map Tips

Port Scallywag
Port Scallywag’s main area is the pirate ship that is docked between the markets and abandoned fort. be very careful as it is very easy to fall off the ramp while climbing on to the ship, so be careful not to fall into the water as it will result in your character getting vanquished.

Expect close range battles in the lower deck of the ship. You can use the northern side of the village to avoid long range attacks from the enemy.

Be careful in the Fort Scallywag with the beachside and the castle, especially the beachside area which is an important junction. If you take control of the ship or the fort, beachside area can become slaughter place for the opponents.

Garden Center
The middle area of the Garden Center consists of seed market as it provides overlook to the main street and the surrounding alleys. The alleys are mostly on the northern side of the seed market.

Close combat can erupt here really fast.

In the middle of the map, you will see a pass that connects Garden Park, the seed market and the warehouse on the west side of the map. There are a lot of vehicles here that can be used as covers.

Garden Peek is also a place where close combat can happen really fast but you have to stay focused in order to survive.

Sharkbite Shores
The southern area of the map will be highly contested because it connects to every other area in the map. The entrance of raised structure can be utilized by snipers of the team.

If you want to cover yourself from the Snipers by staying north of markets and high above the beach. The beach passes underneath the raised structure making it vulnerable from the above attacks.

Suburban Flats
When inside the Suburban Flats, you will see a singular street filled with vehicles. These vehicles can be used as a cover against the enemies, but I would recommend to stay away from this area.

The end of street will lead to cul-de-sac, but you should avoid staying here for a long time.

The east side of flats contains a few landmarks that have potential to become a battle zones. The west side is the smaller zone but it could provide good hiding place from the snipers that are hiding in the park.

Small patio in one of the yards faces the street directly and it can be used to attack players leaving the east side from any of the small paths between homes.

The most important location in the playground park is its wooden fort which you can utilize due to its height if you are a sniper.

Zomboss Estate
You will see two courtyards that are leading directly to the front door of the mansion and there will be large statues on that mansion just up the stairs, but it is in your best interest to try and run away from this place as soon as you can.

The mansion on the map is locked but you can use the pillars for the cover. Pumpkin patch has multiple barriers and fences, so you can expect players to be taking covers in these areas.

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