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PvZ: Garden Warfare Gardens and Graveyards Tips and Map Strategy Guide

Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare pits you against each other.

As the plants, players will have to protect their Gardens from the zombie hordes for a specific amount of time. Meanwhile, those who play as the zombies will want to do whatever in their power ti demolish the garden.

Playing as Plants
You must try your best to run out the time, do whatever it takes to keep the zombies out of your garden.

At the end of the time, make sure your garden is free of zombies. Otherwise, the match will go into overtime allowing more time for the zombies to capture the garden.

You should try and utilize the high ground in every map. Peashooters are especially useful here with their high jumping abilities.

Playing as Zombies
Plants will always take the defensive stance in the match, so the best way to beat them is by surprising them. Choose the best character class and plan out your attacks according to them.

When you have them scattered around the place, you can take over the plants and their gardens. You can use Drones from your Engineers to call in airstrike.

When playing as zombies, the knowledge of the map is a must because the right knowledge with right planning will give you the upper hand in the battlefield.

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Garden Warfare Gardens and Graveyards Map Tips

Wall-nut Hills

It is the area where you will start out as zombies, and it’s where you have to get the upper hand in the game as fast as possible using Spawnable Zombies.

As Plants, you and your garden are not far away from the area where the zombies landed in. As mentioned above, this is where the zombies are going to have their planning and attack your Garden, so you better be prepared.

Tree House
As Zombies when you start at a tree house, check near your Teleporters, that is a good place to get a good view of the road and fire your weaponry from easy cover. As plants you just need to keep them pressurized and maintain your position.

When in the playground playing as zombies, use the walkway to destroy the plants from the distance.

As plants, place snipers in the holes in the slide and use the raised platforms to look over the Garden and keep an eye out for any zombies.

Playing as zombies, this is a good area to mount a strategic assault against the Garden. It is an odd angle and coming from this direction you won’t need as much cover. Use the house for air support if at all possible.

As plants, beware of the zombies as they will be coming from different angles. You should try to spread out in the map and try to flank them. The worst thing that could happen is that you just stay alongside your tree.

The Estate
When playing as Zombies, the Estate has numerous great areas from where you plan your attack. Try and Hold-off on the direct frontal until it’s safe. There will be spawnable plants in your way, so be very careful.

Playing as plants, you should be happy now that cul-de-sac part is over, you will be able to catch a quick break here in the Estate.

For Zombies, the Pool itself will prove to be extremely dangerous and most of the battle will take place here.

You should try Sneak attacks from the side, but you also have the option of taking out the enemies with the superior firepower.

As Plants, you are going to be doing a lot of shooting here, there is just no way out of it.

Use mines and traps to make life easier for yourself, as well as power weapons and ammunition. Must look out from the attacks from different angles and always be vary.

Crazy Dave’s Mansion
As zombies you must stay alert at all times. There will be a long road and most of the way is blocked by Wall-nut Cannons that have explosive ammunition which can just demolish you with one hit!

Try and activate your Teleporter and this mission becomes much easier because it will allow you to bypass the main walkway. This is the first thing you should do.

As plants, you should be aware that if the zombies activate their Teleporters, they will have a very easy time for them. You should try to spare some of the troops so that doesn’t happen.

Driftwood Shores

Zomboss Mountain

As zombies, there is a way from Zomboss Mountain, a hidden tunnel.

It is great way to assault the plants’ Garden. Follow it till it leads you where you can see it and summon a Spawnable Zombie.

When playing as plants, you will witness some of the zombies try and attack you from the tunnel. Always keep an eye out for that area as it could prove to be a very difficult task.


Starting as Zombies, you will see that this area is fortified really well.

You should be very careful in this area. you don’t want to get caught up in the middle of the area without anything to defend yourself.

Try out the tower, it is a great place to get high on the place and destroy plants from above by sniping them.

As plants, your starting point is your best bet, as you will be able to pick-off approaching zombies. You’ll have to work fast before the teleporters arrive on the battlefield.


As zombies you will go straight into the combat in this one but the steps at ground level will allow you to keep your zombies hidden under the docks. Plan your attack and go in once for the kill.

As plants, it will be easy to defend rear and sides, combined with close quarters. So, you can breathe a sigh of relief in this one.

You should try to spread out your plants, so that zombies doesn’t get a chance to over-populate.


As zombies, you will notice that you are in a huge battlefield with a very little cover to help you out here but it is all you have to make it through to the castle. However, for most of the time in this phase, you will be sitting ducks at the disposal of the plants. Try and co-operate with your team-mates to get out this situation fast.

As plants, you should stop the zombies from getting on the higher ground because if you don’t, they can enter through the castle and destroy you in a moments notice.

Pirate Ships

As zombies, you can jump up on the ships and walk around up high. Use this knowledge to keep the ships under your control and the plants pinned to their Garden area while you roam free.

As plants, you should use ranged Spawnable Plants and keep the zombies at a distance. Try and board the ship to fully drain the Zombies opponents.

As zombies, Once you have the pirate ships, try and access the nearby cannons. When ready, launch yourself across the islands. Steer your zombie around the shots that the plants will be firing from their own cannons on the island!

As plants, you should feel very happy, flowers here will act as player-controlled cannons to shoot down zombies approaching from the previous island. Use them to protect the Mega Flower.

Main Street

As zombies, you will come across a bridge that leads straight to the Garden and provides extremely good cover for you.

As plants, you can utilize the tower as it will be the integral part of the map next to the Garden itself.

Those who have the control of the tower will be able to take control of the whole battlefield.

As zombies, you will see a long strip of ground leading to the garden. If you’re going to run up the middle, make sure that you have a great plan for your team and do not depend too much on the cars and dumpsters for the cover.

As plants, when you see zombies on the long strip, let them have it with everything you got, but be careful not to fall for the traps that zombies have laid out against you.

As zombies, expect a huge battle as soon as the phase starts. Plants will have the high ground already that will put you in a bad position to retaliate.

You should try and get away to take the sides. The last thing you want to do is get stuck.

As plants, as soon as you see zombies showing up here, make sure they never get past this spot. As mentioned above, you have the high ground and you should always have a group of plants looking over it.

Burger Joint
As zombies, you will be able to Rocket Jump in order to get quick access to the Garden. Other soldiers will have to take the alleys to get around the places.

As plants, you should be more concerned about the defense unless you have an extra large squad of plants. There is just no way that you will be able to cover all the approaches.

Taco Restaurant
As zombies, seek the building and access it to quickly make your way to the Garden or you can take a winding path with a more tactical advantage.

You will have to go down and take the sewer, it will help lead you to this building which is an excellent place to to plan and execute your assault.

As plants, you must try to stay on defense on this one. Use the perch to kill the opponents coming from different direction, on the ground be very careful to stop the sneak attacks from the zombies.

Hardware Store
As zombies, use the way that leads to a great set of overhead passes and you should give support to the zombies on the ground, that will help you gain access to the Garden in more proficient way.

As plants, the best part of defense that you will have is back of the garden. Go up the walkway to the roof for a great high perch and a sniper spot.

Garden Center
As zombies, use the Corn Launchers to fire the explosive popcorn in the start but You will have to stay on the move to avoid firing from other plant troops. Try sticking to the sides on this one.

As plants, you must try to stop the Zombies from building the teleporters at all costs. This should be your focus in the start of the game.

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