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PvZ: Garden Warfare Co-op Garden Ops Strategy Guide

Co-op in Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare can be played with up to four players online and two players’ split-screen on the Xbox One.

In split-screen Garden Ops, it’s you and a buddy holding out for as long as you both can before you are over-run. And you will be overrun — it’s just a matter of how and when.

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Garden Warfare ‘Garden Ops Strategy

As soon as a Garden Ops game starts, you’ll need to select your Plant Class. You can only select or change the class before the Garden is chosen, so do so wisely, as you won’t be able to change once the garden is decided.

Before the game starts, you will have to pick the location of planting the Garden. There are three different locations you can choose from in each of the five available maps.

Once the garden is set, you’ll be able to spot pots where you can located your plants. Act swiftly, because you’ll only have 30 seconds to position your plants before the first wave begins.

Garden Ops Zombies

Browncoat Zombie
These are the basic zombies – not too intimidating individually, but when they attack collectively, it can be super-troublesome.

Conehead Zombie
After Browncoat, the Conehead Zombies are coming to town – err, garden. These guys have a goofy cone on their heads, and it seems to give them added protection

Buckethead Zombie
And just when you though cones were silly, zombies with buckets arrive. These guys are tougher than Coneheads, and if they group up with them, then it’s time to bring in the big canons.

Exploding Imp
Kamikaze, suicidal, funny looking – these guys have everything that will make you unnerved. Good thing they die only from a few hits. But if they don’t, then you’ll hear a painful boom and a good part of the garden will be burned to a crisp.

Flag Zombie
Flag zombies will rally fellow zombies in close proximity, making their movements faster. Oh dear.

Newspaper Zombie
These guys seem busy reading a newspaper, but that’s their way of shielding themselves. Just aim for the head, because apparently the newspaper isn’t made out of regular paper. Try flanking them if things aren’t working out.

Screen Door Zombie
Perfect, a zombie carrying a screen door. Flank and kill is the best option.

Coffin Zombie
Zombies in coffins means a lot of business. You can try shooting their eyes if you have killer-aim, and can even cripple them with shots at their limbs, but these guys are beefy, so you’ll need to direct a lot of firepower towards them.

Outhouse Zombie
Slower than coffin zombies, but even beefier. Though they’ll take their time to come to you, when they do you’ll regret you ever let them. Take all measurements to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Foot Soldier
You know things are bad when zombies learn how to use guns. The foot soldier does exactly that, and their range and damage is something every plant should be scared of.

Variants include Arctic Trooper, Tank Commander and Camo Ranger.

Oh dear, these guys have grenades that can stun up to four plants. They’re fat, beefy, and frighteningly smart, since they can use Teleporters to call in reinforcements. Not good. Dispose as quickly as you can before you regret ignoring them.

Their variants are Welder and Electricians.

Oh dear lord. These guys have a powerful close ranged weapon, and they can teleport. Moreover, the scientists are the main healers for the zombies, and that’s in no way good news. Dispose of this horrific monstrosity before it kills the plants with its cleverness!

The variants include Physicist, Marine Biologist and Dr. Toxic.

These guys are the artillery units for the zombies, and since they were former athletes, they seem to have amazing speed. Moreover, the bad-boys are covered with sport armor, making them very hard to kill. They kick Exploding Imp towards plants and can destroy your garden with their own powerful weapons.

The variants are Baseball Star, Rugby Star, Cricket Star and Goalie Star.

ZomBomb Gargantuar
Big muscular dudes carrying a huge bomb and heading straight for your garden is what you’ll be witnessing. Focus all your firepower on these guys. It’s a big bonus if you can take them out while they’re close to a few other zombies, as the massive bomb will also send off their fellows.

Backup Dancer
Let’s not get distracted by those impressive dance moves. This guy has style written all over him, and he’ll manipulate you into clapping your hands with joy while he cleverly destroys your plants with moon-walks a

So a berserker is basically a faster, more aggressive All Star without guns. The ‘without guns’ statement might sound nice, but the ‘faster’ and ‘aggressive’ parts sort of suppress its effectiveness.

Garden Ops Boss Zombies

He’s big, he’s mean, and he’s angry. Wielding a power pole and carrying a explosive imp on his shoulders, this big guy is a tank-like enemy. You’ll need a team effort to take this dude out – make sure you do so before he gets near the garden.

Disco Zombie
While the Backup Dancer was, well, a backup dancer, Disco Zombie is the star of the show. If you thought Backup Dancer was troublesome with his moves, wait till you see the jaw-dropping rhythms he’ll throw off in your garden.

As if the Gargantuar wasn’t bad enough, the Giga is a gangsta-styled version, and he’s angrier, meaner, and even less forgiving. You can kiss any weakened plant bye-bye when you see this guy. It will take your best efforts to knock him down. The fact that he can be a source of electricity pulses and fire isn’t good news either.

Is it just me or is it getting cold here? Oh, so it’s not me – it’s the Yeti in the distance. They might look harmless for a split second, but when they freeze up your garden you’ll know you made a terrible mistake to think so. They’ll blast freeze rays, and every plant they touch will be frozen. These guys are walking freeze-balls and can be a pain in the neck, especially when in groups.

Garden Ops Map Tips

Garden Center
The center of the map is Market Garden, and is prone to the most attacks – such as areas from the park, warehouse, and also the southern shopping center.

Gardens placed at the edges of the maps are generally safer as compared to ones in the center. The Park Garden though is an exception because it gives zombies three entrances, and the area is so open that zombies can stroll around freely and flank your plants easily.

The recommended area to place your garden is the Mendoza Garden. This gives you a lot of room to breathe during the earlier waves. However, the confined space in this garden also means doom if the zombies manage to breach.

Port Scallywag
The center region of the map is the Pirate ship garden. This garden is basically on the deck of a pirate ship. Despite six potted plants in its vicinity, this is one difficult portion of the map.

The second area, to the west of the Pirate Ship Garden is the Town Market Garden. This is certainly more manageable than the central pirate ship, with decent enough space to ensure that you can lock down the entrances.

Finally there’s Castle Courtyard Garden. It has three main approaches, just like the town market Garden. The castle however is very claustrophobic, and it can really take a toll on your plants if the zombies manage to breach. You should have one player covering each entrance, while the fourth plays the anchor role of healing and supporting anyone in trouble.

The Vintage Garden makes up the central part of this map. It has a number of locations to grow Potted Plants directly around it, which can help with defending the Garden. Even though its the center of the map, it is quite a manageable portion with some good tactics.

Then there is the Shipwreck Garden, to the northwest of Vintage Garden. This is a cramped garden that will offer you lots of plant pots, but you’ll be doomed if a heavy zombie manages to burst through one of your defenses. The terrain also makes it quite a difficult portion to play in.

The last is the Beach-hut Garden. This is probably the easier part of the Sharkbite map. You can line up a fine frontal defense against the zombie horde and also place a few plants behind them for that extra bit of armor thickness.

Suburban flats
The northernmost garden is the Picnic Park Garden. It’s a small, cramped up garden waiting to be over-raided by zombies. Once the parameter is passed, the garden is right there for the taking.

The center of the map is the Neighbor’s Garden. This is even smaller than the Picnic Park Garden, and can be considered as a suicide mission. The fencing that surrounds this place will hold the zombies for a bit, but you can’t expect that to happen forever, and when it gives way, the garden itself is just a few paces away.

The southernmost garden is the Trailer Park garden, and perhaps the best of the three. It offers relatively more space to breathe. However, it has its own troubles, troubles that come from the awful amount of obstacles and ridiculously uneven terrain.

Zomboss Estate
Dun dun dun! You’re in the Zombie estate itself, and the west-most part of the map is the Pumpkin Patch Garden. It’s the largest portion of the map, and also the toughest to defend. Though there are only two approaches to this garden, the area is so large that it’s quite hard for a handful of plants to defend it effectively.

Then there is Haunted Grove Garden. It’s located in the north-center part of the map, and is fairly tricky to defend because of its uneven terrain. Try to get some plants on higher grounds for some sweet long ranged shots.

The third one is Cryptyard Garden. This is probably the easier of the three portions of the map. Zombies will need to get past the brick wall that surrounds this area from one of three entrances, which can be guarded quite well by Cactus and Peashooters. If you’re playing the Zomboss Estate, this is the garden you could last longer on.

Should the zombies breach that wall, plants on the inside will find themselves in trouble.

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