PlayStation 4 Japan Launch Sales Top 300K Units in Two Days

Sony’s next-gen console PlayStation 4 released to the company’s home market on February 22 after bearing a three month delay over its western release.

The first sales figures for PlayStation 4 Japan launch have started coming in and the console is reported to have sold over 322,083 units.

Now there are more than one ways to go about analyzing the units that Sony has managed to sell.

On one hand 322,083 units is merely a handful more than what Nintendo’s Wii U managed to sell in its launch weekend; Wii U had sold 308,570 units.

On the other hand, the number of PlayStation 4 sold is way, way better than how PlayStation 3 fared; upon its launch the console had managed to sell only 88,400 units, so this is a big improvement.

In the end, if you compare the sales figures attained by PS4 with PS2 (the console that really brought Sony in to the game), PlayStation 4 Japan launch hasn’t really been humongous.

PlayStation 2 had sold 630,552 units which is nearly double of what PS4 managed.

Still, the 0.3 million units take the total number of PlayStation 4 sold up to 5.6 million as only recently Sony had announced that since its launch in North America, PlayStation 4 had sold 5.3 million units.

How do you see Sony’s performance after the PlayStation 4 Japan launch?