Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare Tips, Tricks and Strategy

If you are going to start your adventure in Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare, knowing the rules of the game are must.

If you have never played a shooter before, read through the guide and you will be a ready to take on the game in no time.

For more help on Garden Warfare, read our Team Vanquish, Gardens and Graveyards and Garden Ops Strategy.

Learn The GUI

Information is important in all types of warfare, so in PvZ its no different. Your screen is host to a wealth of personal information that will help you adjust to your current situation.

Learn to recognize all of it as soon as you can.

All the information in the HUD is there to let you know your personal status. Always keep track of it so that you can do whatever needs to be done to avoid being destroyed by the opponents!

Your health in the game will be represented by numbers. You just have to make sure it doesn’t come down to 0. Try and stay away from the enemy fire, use some healer such as Sunflowers or Zombie Heal Stations to replenish the health.

Always stay focused on the interface, as you take more damage, the screen will start to get red and a heart symbol at the lower left of the screen will start beating fast to let you know that you need to regain your health.

Your character will have some abilities. When you use ability, the icon for that ability will turn dark and you will have to wait before you can use it again.

It is the specific Weapons of your class that makes it standout. Every weapon operates in a different manner and can inflict different sorts of damage.

Ammo just like in the shooters will tell you, how many times you will be firing the weapon until you have to reload.

Reticle is crosshair to let you know where you are firing.

Whenever some player gets vanquished, a notification will pop-up saying who was vanquished, who did the vanquishing and how did it happen.

The objectives are different in different types of matches; they will differ in various modes.

Key points of different Modes in the game:

Garden Ops
You have to keep an eye out for the health of the Garden that the plants need to defend in Garden Ops. The more zombies inflict damage on the Garden, the more the health meter goes down.

Score (Team Vanquish)
The score will show vanquish counts for plants and zombies in Team Vanquish mode.

Progress Meter (Gardens and Graveyards)
This represents the progress that zombies have made toward completing their objective in Gardens and Graveyards. The closer zombies come to conquering the more this bar increases in their favor.

Team HUD (Garden Ops Only)
Upper left of the HUD will show the status of the players on your team during Garden Ops. Always stay aware of the HUD as your survival depends on it.

Character Screen
ou will have chance to choose a new character depending on who you are playing as either Plants or Zombies, before the start of the match, when you’re vanquished or when you re-spawn.

If you have the knowledge of the battlefield then you can really capitalize on the opportunity. Make sure you pick the right characters for the right opponents.

Special Damage
Different character classes have the ability to inflict special damage using their weapons. You must be able understand it once you spend the time in the game.

When you have spotted an enemy, an icon will appear on their head that will become visible to you and your team mates. To spot an enemy, just have a clear look at them with your character and it will happen.

Garden Warfare Game Modes

Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare has six game modes. We have detailed all of them so that you don’t have any trouble getting started.

Welcome Mat
This mode is for the players that are new to the game. Welcome Mat lets you play in Team Vanquish on the Suburban Flats map, with the added rule that players who are repeatedly vanquished several times in a row will get a boost in their overall health whenever they respawn.

As you level up in Welcome Mat, new game modes will open up to you.

Garden Ops
In Garden Ops mode, you will have to plant a garden anywhere on the map and try to protect it from the zombies. Zombies will keep on attacking in increasingly difficult waves and then it’s up to you and your team mates to defend the plant in the time given.

Team Vanquish
If you want to go against your friends and people around the world without wasting any time, then this mode is just for you.

You can play Team Vanquish and become part of a plant or zombie squad with just one objective; score enough vanquishes for your team. However, this mode doesn’t allow any use of character customization and upgrades.

Gardens and Graveyards
Gardens and Graveyard lets you play as plants or the zombies to protect or to conquer an entire territory in different phases. 

If you play as zombies than you must push forward towards the plants stronghold and as the plants, you must defend against being pushed back. This mode also doesn’t allow use of the character customization and upgrades.

Split Screen
Split screen is for the players who wants to play with their family and close friends, you can play ‘survival mode’ where multiple zombies waves will try to attack you until your garden has fallen. However, Split Screen Mode can only be enjoyed by the owners of the Xbox One.

Boss Mode
If you want to play the boss mode, you better come prepared. You can play as Dr. Zomboss or Crazy Dave and use the hand movements and different gestures to help out the fellow plants or zombies who are fighting in real time with aids such as health drops and airstrikes.

Boss Mode is also exclusive to Xbox One only.

Garden Warrior Classes, Characters, Spawnables and Upgrades

As you play though the game, you will unlock different character classes, characters, Spawnables and upgrades.

The Sticker Shop
This shop allows the player to pick up the stickers that can be obtained via Level-Up Packs, which show up once your player Rank has increased or when you purchase Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare packs with PvZ coins.

Stickers are main points that let you upgrade your squad. By collecting differently labeled stickers, players will be able to collect customization items, Spawnable Plants and Zombies, weapon upgrades, and new characters, which are then filled out in the Sticker Book.

PVZ Coins
PvZ coins can be collected by completing different objectives during Garden Ops, Gardens and Graveyards and Team Vanquish. After that They are eligible to be used as a currency in the Sticker Shop.

If you want to add something to your arsenal, you will find different packs such as level up Packs and Reinforcement packs. Packs contain consumable and customization items. Items available in these Packs are sometimes very rare; you can grab these packs in the sticker shop.

Player Rank
Players rank are increased as your character level up. With higher ran, you’ll be able to grab Level-Up Packs from the Sticker Shop and can access more game modes.

The Customization option will help you change the way your character looks in the game. Depending on the character, you can change weapons, skin, hair and gestures.

Character Challenges
These are the challenges that can be completed in different game modes. Completing challenges earns you stars, which fill out level packs.

A character’s level increases when you fill in all of the stars in your current level pack. You can always check the progress of these challenges in the pause menu. Whenever you complete a challenge you will be notified.

Bonus Objectives
Sometimes in the Garden Ops, Crazy Dave will give a bonus objective. If you complete his objective, you will receive extra PvZ coins for use in the Sticker Shop.

I hope this helps you get started with the game. Don’t forget to comment if you have something else to add to the guide!