GTA Online Content Creator Enabled in Free Roam

The world of Grand Theft Auto has been in an uproar since the game was released.

In fact, the number of times people have reported on the game is so large I literally feel tired of it; yet there is always something interesting going on in the world created by Rockstar, and usually it is worth every second spent on it. This time it’s the GTA Online Content Creator that has been enabled in the free roam of the game.

I can bet all of you loved to roam freely in the single player mode of the game. How about you get to spawn ramps, barriers, cars, barrels and any other object you can think of in Free Roam with all your friends in it together?

Apparently, someone at GTA Online is making it happen as they have found a way to enable the Content Creator in public lobbies.

The world of Grand Theft Auto Online and Grand Theft Auto 5 are already humongous, and there is a lot of stuff to keep you busy in it. So what does this addition give us? Chaotic Entertainment, I’d say.

Use all the trickery to create new races or whatever you want to test your friends with or simply listen to the devil inside of you and irritate everyone you come across. It’s going to be fun.