Galaxy S5 Impressions: Fingerprints, Power Saver, 16MP Camera and More

There is no questioning the fact that the cheesy features of Galaxy S4, albeit interesting, were of pretty much no use to a common man. That is probably why the company had “decided to go back to basics” with Samsung Galaxy S5.

How about we list down some of the highlights that really matter and see what to expect from the phone?

Let’s start with the basics; S5 is larger than S4 and smaller than Note 3. To be precise, its dimensions are 142 x 72.5mm as compared to S4’s 136.6 x 69.8mm.

Also (sadly), it is a little thicker; S4 was 7.9mm while S5 stands at 8.1mm. Hold it and you will see that the new device weighs a little heavier too, at 145 grams which is 15 grams more than S4.

One of the most talked about features, and one that S4 didn’t have, would be the fingerprint scanner.

Following in Apple’s footsteps, S5 will add an extra layer of security where you have to swipe your finger over the sensor so that it can identify the owner. This is different from Apple as the iPhone only asks you to place your finger on the sensor.

The fingerprint feature can also be used on certain apps like PayPal and will let you add up to 3 fingerprint signatures.

It comes with a 5.1 inch screen, just 0.1 inch larger than S4, and packs the same 1080p resolution.

Even then, the display is comparatively brighter, thanks to some new technology, and the overall look of the screen is much nicer. Apparently, the technology will also improve the screen performance in daylight.

Another feature that is being talked about in regard to Samsung’s new smartphone is a power saver.

Apparently, the feature will let you know what parts of the phone can be turned off, and in case you are far from a charging source, it will actually let you shut down the LTE, most of the apps and turn the screen a little grey – maximized power saving!

The camera of Samsung Galaxy S5 is 16MP as compared to S4’s 13MP and the focus time has been pushed down to 0.3 seconds. With the S5 you will be able to use selective focus and blur everything that you are not focusing on. This will need more hands-on time later.

Oh and it records on 4K!

The phone is being referred to as weather proof but the extent to which it is dust and water resistant still needs to be validated. If it really is as weather proof as Samsung says, we have a winner – trust me.

As compared to S4’s more common 1.9GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor, the S5 will come packing Qualcomm’s latest processor, a 2.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801.

It’s still to early to give a final verdict on Samsung Galaxy S5, but from what we have learnt so far, I would say it is a good improvement over its predecessor.

What do you think?