More of The Elder Scrolls Online Beta Phases Incoming, No Open Beta Though

Last The Elder Scrolls Online beta was run on the weekend between February 7 and February 9, but don’t worry if you missed out on it. ZeniMax Online Studios is already looking at another beta for the game.

Although no release date has been announced, it has been confirmed that there will be more beta sessions.

An enthusiastic fan asked the game’s official Twitter page if they could have another beta phase on this weekend, the reply didn’t say that they can’t hold a beta this weekend but it did say that they will announce it soon.

Moving on, it always pinches a little when some of us (the ones who get beta invites) get to play the game but the others (the one who aren’t that lucky) can’t even hear about their experiences all thanks to a Non Disclosure Agreement.

There is good news in that regard too!

The NDA on The Elder Scrolls Online beta has been lifted, and now you can stream your gameplay, share videos and screenshots with your friends wherever you want. In short, you get to brag while others get to learn more about the game.

It was also confirmed through the same medium that in all the future beta sessions, Mac users will also be invited. So hopefully that chunk of the market will go happy with the game too.

Lastly, somewhat sad news was reconfirmed in a tweet; when asked whether there will be any open betas for the game, the devs replied that they would rather stay clear of the traditional open beta.

How many of you have tried out The Elder Scrolls Online beta? Did you like it or Would you say that the incoming update has a lot of work to do?