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DICE Beta Testing Battlefield 4 Platoons, the Pre-Game Lobby Feature

Games like Halo and Call of Duty let players group up at pre-game lobbies before they go in to action but until now, such a feature was missing from Battlefield 4.

Did you miss Platoons? Because DICE is bringing it back in the game and is beta testing it right now.

The Platoons, a Battlelog feature, will let people form official groups (or platoons) and hence make it easier for them to play matches together. We have not been told when the developer plans to release the feature but it will be soon, for sure.

Before the feature goes live publicly, DICE wants to run a closed beta test on Platoons so that it is tweaked up properly for the audience.

For that matter, a post was made on the Battlelog website where people were allowed to enter in the names of their ‘platoon’ members. The applicants have now been taken in for the closed beta and the entries have been closed.

If you have already applied for the Battlefield 4 Platoons beta test, you will need to keep an eye out on the Battlelog website for more information as the post reads:

Once people have been added to the early access list, I will update this thread with more information. If you have been added to the list, you will need to log out and back in to Battlelog for Platoons to appear (you will see a tile on Home and also find it under the Soldier dropdown in the menu).

Did you apply for the Battlefield 4 Platoons closed beta?