Square’s Zombie Shooter Card Game ‘Deadman’s Cross’ Passes 1 Million Downloads In First Month

Publisher Square Enix announced that its mobile release of Deadman’s Cross has already passed 1 million downloads across all platforms. It was released just this month for both iOS and Android.

Perhaps part of this success has to do with the fact that the game is free-to-play.  You may need a few hundred megabytes of download space, but other than that, this game is pretty lenient.

Deadman’s Cross has two main modes. One of them offers a simple shooter mechanism, where players hunt zombies on a given city map. In the other mode, it’s possible to use undead creatures captured from the shooting galleries in a series of cards.

Cards represent zombies of many forms and that comes with several indicators, such as their level, type and statistics. A deck can be assembled to fight against others in automated combat.

Aside from that, items can be collected to enhance cards, which also have a leveling mechanism based on feeding lower tiers to big hitters.

As a third component, it’s possible to use decks for online fights in the boneyard. Here, automated battles are done against other player accounts for a range of prizes, depending on the fight class.

To celebrate the million download landmark, Square Enix is offering a temporary boost to anyone who registers the game by the end of February. Doing so will bank 300 premium coins, used for its monetization scheme.

From the time we’ve spent so far, we can tell that this will get you three premium shooting galleries. These offer much higher rated cards.

While just three fights aren’t enough to become overpowered, it will immediately significantly boost your rank in the boneyard. That, in turn, will give you better items much quicker.

It’s definitely worth the shot, if you’re looking to give Deadman’s Cross a try.