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Cel-Shaded Flight Game Vector Thrust Coming To Steam

Publisher iceberg Interactive once more wants to address that their flight game Vector Thrust is headed to Steam this year. Instead of employing the term “early 2014,” the indie project would now be heading to digital distribution in the second quarter of the year.

It also looks like the game will have expanded by then. Previously, it noted to have over 150 aircraft. Now, the press release says that there are more than 200 models.

In Vector Thrust, players go back to the classic arcade feel of Ace Combat games, but set in a cel-shaded presentation. Still, every plane is made from a realistic model, just adapted to its more colorful style.

There will be a campaign to go through, outside of just quick action games. For longevity, a Challenge mode will allow players to test their skills with the full roster of vehicles.

Going further, Skirmish allows for customized rules for battles. Should that not suffice, there’s an entire mission editor as well. So, there’s plenty of custom content, for those that want it.

Of course, multiplayer fans will want to have fights against other planes. Well, that’s included in the package as well.

Vector Thrust is currently under production by TimeSymmetry. While it’s a studio with a name, really the work is all done by one Portuguese developer, Cláudio Rodrigues, in Braga, Portugal.

This news is sent out fairly timely, since Namco Bandai just announced that their own release, Ace combat: Assault Horizon just ditched Games for Windows Live to hop on Steam. Vector Thrust is looking to fly in the same airspace.