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Xbox One PAL Judder Performance Fix Due ‘Within Weeks’

The annoyance caused by the “juddering” issue while watching TV with the Xbox One is soon to be fixed, according to UK marketing director Harvey Eagle for the Xbox One.

The frustrating problem is witnessed when the console’s 60Hz output clashes with the conventional 50Hz rate of the PAL signals used by many channels of Europe. This evidently is an issue with the frame rate conversion (FRC) process used by 60Hz systems to play lower frame-rates.

Eagle has stated that a fix for the problem will be available ‘within weeks’ from now via a system update for the console this spring. Speaking to CVG, he stated:

“I’m happy to confirm that that will be Spring time frame. I can’t be more specific than that, but it’s weeks, not months. It’s important and we’re excited to get that fixed as quickly as possible.”

How and what technical methods Microsoft will use to tackle the issue are not quite clear, but it probably involves tweaking the FRC process to synchronize the frame rates of the PAL signals and the Xbox One output.

A similar problem is believed to effect streaming services such as Netflix, though it is not confirmed if the two media display issues are linked or will be fixed by the same update.