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After Pokemon, Twitch Plays Zelda Now Lets You Play Zelda on Twitch

You must have heard of the Twitch Plays Pokemon, the live chat channel that let multiple people play the original Pokemon Red and Blue at the same time.

The popularity of the channel led to many impressionists creating their own channels and now we will be seeing original The Legend of Zelda running in the same fashion.

The stream that is currently running on the TwitchPlaysWhatev channel follows the same format of the Pokemon game and lets people play the entire game together with others. Users give commands to Link through the in-game chat box where typing up, down, left right takes care of the movements while other commands get incorporated in the same fashion.

If you had not tried your luck at Twitch Plays Pokemon or do not know whether Twitch Plays Zelda will be worth your while, let us tell you that the players had managed to beat the first gym in just a day’s time.

The unique massively multiplayer gameplay that the Twitch channels provide led to a total of 6.5 million views on the Twitch Plays Pokemon channel. How many do you think The Legend of Zelda channel will get?

As of now, Twitch Plays Zelda has managed 85,697 views and it is only its first day since the channel went live.