Titanfall Install Will Require Up to 40GB On Xbox One

If you’re already complaining of lack of space on your Xbox One, then you really need to start worrying, especially if you’re looking to buy Titanfall.

According to the Microsoft Bundle Announcement for the console, the pack shot reads, “On Xbox, Titanfall requires Xbox Live Gold membership. Titanfall game download card inside marked packages; up to 40 GB required.”

Though 40GB is a mammoth size, it shouldn’t come as a big surprise to those who already own Battlefield 4 and/or Call of Duty Ghosts on the console, which needed 33GB and 39GB respectively.

However, both these games had single-player campaigns in addition to the multiplayer content, though the developers may give a counter argument that Titanfall’s multiplayer is fairly vast and complex.

Either way, it’s time to free up some space, as the game hits stores in the US two weeks from today, with Europe to follow just two days after.

The futuristic first-person shooter multiplayer game will be releasing on PC and Xbox One.