Thief Will Not Feature Mantle Support at Launch

Eidos Montreal developers of eagerly awaited Thief have revealed that support for AMD’s new Mantle API won’t be available in Thief until sometime in March, in a post-launch patch.

They wrote on their official blog:

We’re extremely proud of the work we’ve done with AMD to make the PC version of THIEF a stand-out, definitive experience although we have a little more work to do to accommodate all of these new PC-specific features – we are busy working on a patch to support AMD’s Mantle and TrueAudio technologies that is scheduled for March.

We’re confident this patch will ensure the best and fastest THIEF experience for AMD Radeon™ customers. We’re sorry we couldn’t bring this to you sooner – although we will use this time to bring you the very best experience possible and will let you know when the patch is ready.

Any of you who are unfamiliar with Mantle must know that it is AMD’s alternative to Microsoft’s DirectX, which aims to greatly improve graphical performance on compatible games and AMD graphics cards. Thief was going to be one of the first games to take advantage of it.

Support for Mantle is increasing with games like Star Citizen, Sniper Elite 3 and Battlefield 4 already opting for the new technology. DICE technical director Johan Andersson said:

Battlefield 4 on PC is already quite heavily optimized using DirectX 11 and DirectX 11.1, but with Mantle we are able to go even further: we’ve significantly reduced CPU cost in our rendering, efficiently parallelized it over multiple CPU cores and reduced overhead in many areas.

If you want to read up on the revised PC requirements for Thief, you can see Eidos official website.

Thief is set to release tomorrow in North America and on 28th February in Europe and other associated territories.