Get Ready for Dead Rising 3: Chaos Rising, the 3rd DLC Tomorrow

Since being released, Dead Rising 3 has received two DLC packs and now is the time for the third and the second last DLC. It is called Dead Rising 3: Chaos Rising and will come out tomorrow February 25.

The official Xbox page on Twitter announced the DLC through a tweet today, though it failed to give away more details about its features.

What we do know about Chaos Rising is that Hunter Thibodeaux will be the protagonist of the story that the DLC will bring. He featured in the main game as the leader of a biker gang as well as a psychopath.

The two DLC packs that Dead Rising 3 has received in the past are Operation Broken Eagle and Fallen Angel; each one of them added new characters, vehicles and more to the game and were led by a new protagonist.

In case you didn’t know previously, each of the Dead Rising 3 DLC packs are to be priced at $10. On the other hand the Dead Rising 3 season pack will get your wallets lighter by 30 bucks and get you all the planned DLC for the game. This means that you would get the fourth DLC along with the previous ones for the price of three.