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343 Industries is Setting Halo 5 Development Team in Order

Halo 5 for 2014 has been the topic of debate everywhere since the past couple of months, we have heard rumors that 343 Industries has delayed the game to 2015, and later we also picked up word that it will actually be a 2014 title.

Although nothing has been confirmed in those regards, there certainly is movement at the 343 Industries studios.

The developer has been hiring new and returning professionals, as well as reshuffling the ranks of their employees in order to set sail for Halo 5 release in 2014 – apparently, hopefully.

To start off, Tim Longo of LucasArts and Crystal Dynamics was hired to take up the role of Halo for Xbox One’s creative director. He was preceded by Josh Holmes, who will now be working as the game’s executive producer. Expect some heavy drilling from the internal development team as he will be heading the “overall project leadership.”

In return, Josh Holmes was preceded on the executive producer’s chair by Kiki Wolfkill who, rest assured, will still be working on the game and creating ways to “transform the way you experience Halo.”

More importantly, Nicholas Bouvier was appointed as the art director; I refer to it as more important as he was titles like RAGE, Price of Persia and the Assassin’s Creed series to his name, and the fact that he has previously worked as the lead concept artist for Halo 4.

Again, he has replaced Keneth Scott, who is one of the funding members of 343 Industries. Scott will now be adding his expertise to the game as a visual design consultant.

In case you are wondering what Bouvier has been brewing at 343 Industries lately, go down the memory lane a bit to the time when the developer had teased a concept art from the Halo 5 universe in January.

Lastly, Joe Staten was plucked out of Bungie by Microsoft at the crunch time of Destiny’s development however, as much as we would want him to return to the franchise, the publisher has announced he won’t be working on the Halo 5 project directly. That doesn’t mean he will have no part to play though, he will still voice the infamous grunts and help shape the franchise strategy.”

That is a lot of shuffling wont you say? Well, all will be well if it bears the fruit – fingers crossed.

Moving on to the story of Halo 5 and what we know so far, we do recall from the E3 2013 trailer that the story involves an AI data crystal chip.

The same chip was also mentioned on a Microsoft store listing that was later removed.

If I had to guess, I would say that the chip has something to do with our dear old Cortana, and the fact that we all want to see her back in the game.

Sadly, we haven’t had much else to go on when it comes to the plot.

Microsoft has been chanting a Halo release in 2014; even OXM’s March cover says the same.

However, could it be that only a Halo 5 beta gets a release in 2014 while the complete game gets shifted forward to 2015 like voice actor Downes claimed?

Your thoughts?