World of Warcraft Will Never Become ‘Pay-to-Win’

World of Warcraft has now more in-game microtransactions today than ever before and it looks like they will be keep on increasing. However, according to creative director Alex Afrasiabi, the game is not bearing down a path toward becoming pay-to-win.

Afrasiabi told Gamespot yesterday during a preview event for upcoming expansion Warlords of Draenor.

That is not a direction we’re even comfortable taking WoW, Pay-to-win models break player trust, and Blizzard has no intention of doing that.

Game design, half of it is about trust. And I think that our playerbase trusts us implicitly and you never want to break trust between the player and developer. And I think pay-to-win does that. And I think that is really our stance; we are not about pay-to-win in World of Warcraft. That is not going happen.

Players of WoW currently have the option to pay real world money for the virtual items of the game like pets, gears and mounts. All of these micro-transactions are on top of World of Warcraft’s existing $15/month subscription.

Despite all these micro-transactions in the game, the fans of the game are still heavily invested in the title.

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