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Risen 3: Titan Lords Revealed, Features Open World Medieval Setting

After Risen 2: Dark Waters that came out in 2012, Piranha Bites has announced Risen 3: Titan Lords, the third entry in the series that will be published by Deep Silver again.

German magazine PC Games Tweeted an image of the cover for their latest issue that reveals the next installment in the game series. The magazine is also writing up a detailed feature on the game where more details will be shared.

The cover, as you can see below, features an armored man swinging a sword in mid-air. It doesn’t really resemble the pirate fantasy theme that we saw in Risen 2: Dark Waters so we are hoping that the game will take a more conventional take on the fantasy genre.

risen 3 titan lords cover

Information is really scarce on Risen 3: Titan Lords but if you translate what has been told in German by the magazine, it looks like the game will be based in an open world environment and naturally, follow a medieval setting.

Other than this, a couple of screenshots were apparently leaked and they surely give the vibes of a tougher, old timeristic, classic fantasy RPG.

You can check these screenshots below:

No release date information has been made available for Risen 3: Titan Lords but we shall keep you informed just as we get updated.