Phil Spencer Hints Sakaguchi RPG Announcement

An announcement for a new Sakaguchi RPG for the Xbox One could be inbound for Tuesday next week, if a recent Tweet from Phil Spencer is to be believed.

Responding to a fan on Twitter who inquired about the JRPG being worked on for the Xbox One, the boss of Microsoft Studios hinted about a reveal next week on February 25.

“So when do you think you’re ready to tell us about that JRPG Sakaguchi is working on for the Xbox One?” asked Twitter user Senjutsu.

“TUESDAY,” was Spencer’s short reply.

Whether he was being serious or not remains to be seen. Keeping in view on how the Xbox One is being bashed around due to its resolution issues, Spencer would best be serious on this. A new JRPG would be lovely for Microsoft’s new console and would do well in neutralizing some of the negative perception that is being seen so far.

Spencer also revealed that Microsoft would be attending GDC 2014 but it won’t be a massive showing. Most of the big announcements will be coming nearer to E3 2014.

“I’ll be at GDC but we won’t have a big show, most news will be coming nearer to E3,” is what he said.

Source Twitter