The Order: 1886 Characters are Pretty Impressive, Run on 100K Polygons Each

Co-written by an Emmy Award winner; The Order: 1886 is constantly building anticipation among the audience.

Every second day we hear something new and impressive about the game’s features. This time around, Ready at dawn has boasted about the quality of characters in the game saying that each of the main character runs over 100,000 polygons.

Andrea Pessino, the Founder and CTO of Ready at Dawn has been active over Twitter lately and when he was asked about the polygon count on The Order: 1886 protagonist, his reply not only clarified the polycount of the main protagonist but said that all the key characters use up to 100k polygons.

Oh and there are more than 250 joints in the heads as well as over 130 blend shapes just on the face!

A recently held media event of The Order: 1886 had shown the game running a slightly glitchy build. Although this had been clarified to the media but Pessino took to Twitter to reassure fans that the game faced a last second audio issue which wasn’t there in their tests.

Of course they will handle it in time.

Other than this, his verdict on the current state of the game was that it is pretty impressive as compared to the stage of development that it is in.

After all, any game requires polishing, re-adjusting and certain level of debugging.

From what we have been told about the game so far, The Order: 1886 already has me betting for it. What is your take on it?